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Re: i got a few questions about the xbox 360

Nov 19, 2006

buzzfarve wrote:
well i wanted a ps3 at first and i still do want one but i am considering to get a 360 instead because of price and avalablilty. but anyways my questions are:

1. how does the 360 hook up to the internet? do you just connect to a wireless network, or do you have to connect it with cables?
Ethernet Cable, you can buy a wireless connector for $100.
2. how much does xbox live cost?
$50 a year.
3. are there any significant differences between the 360 and ps3?
Not really, just different games. People say the 360 has better frames, but that may be false. When the Xbox first came out, it got ported games from the Ps2, and the Ps2 ones were better. Not, thats not true.

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