Jun 22 2012
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help with fifa 12

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ik i should be on the EA forums for this but i cant post anything. The reason i just dont know why? something about my password not being verified. And yes i tryed to verify it and nothing. so this is my problem. i bought the Euro 2012 dlc for fifa 12. when i load up fifa 12 and enter the euro 2012 my data doesnt automaticly load up. I try loading it , but it still cant continue my progress from before. I deleted fifa 12 and reinstalled it and reinstalled the dlc and that did work. however when i turn of my system and then later come back to play it again my data doesnt load up and i dont want to uninstall everything and install it allover again every time. Does anyone know if im not exiting correctly or whats going on i need to find a forum where ppl are dicussing this. a link or some information would be greatly appriciated.

p.s i have castle crushers and need one more trophy the multiplayer 40 win in arena so if any is up for it i need 20 more wins. no ones on anymore so......yea thanks

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