Jul 21 2013
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waste of money ,all i wanna do is play .new system new game still dont work wth?psn lets hackers rule and legit guys pay the price  not from just losing the match but from losing the ability to play because someone wants to cheat or doesnt like your name.go onto a network wher eanyone can mess with yoour system and the playstation says send it  in .its a money market scheme ,they want hackers to destroy your system and for their new ideas ,anyone else gets screwed



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Re: frustrated

Jul 21, 2013

Sorry to read you're having such a horrible time with CoD.

My advice: Stop playing it.


Those games belong to hackers now. And it is not Sony or Microsoft's fault (they exist on both consoles, btw), it is Activision, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward's fault, for creating such a buggy, broken -- and notoriously hacked games.


If you would like to report hackers on PSN, go here.

As for fixing the game(s), you would need to write a long letter to the companies I mentioned above.



Also, never give out your personal information. No matter what someone is promising you. ("I'll get to max prestige for you!") NO.

That is not hacking, that is you just giving your account away. I'm not saying this is your issue (or is it?) I'm just giving you some more advise.



And hackers can not destroy your console. If your PS3 is having hardware issues, it is not related to any "hack."

Unless your PS3 is running some kind of custom firmware.

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