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Re: diamonds

Jan 10, 2007

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I own alot of diamonds... I don't know if they are conflict diamonds, but they are worth alot and I got them for a VERY good "price". LoL!

i belive thier illigal in the united states...... much like how you cant buy cuban cigars... at least not legaly.... if you look at them under a pretty high magnifcation... somewhere on it you might see a lazer etched logo or something. to indicate where it came from and such... but i really doubt conflict diamonds would be marked.... 

Oh and I do have Cuban cigars too... LoL, and I have looked at them under very high magnification and they have Premier Diamond written on them. Each one I have is about 5 carats. They are all D-Color and high-pressure/temperature processed!

no wonder they were cheap .....................

I don't know if your being sarcastic but D-Color is one the more expensive types.

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