Apr 20 2013
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clan page [oNO]

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hey guys were not recruiting at the moment but were looking for people to play with and you never know if your cool,use a mic and suit the clan you might get accepted! 150+ members since 2007 originating on resistance fall of man and moving onto COD, battelfield and the other games in the resistance series. Unfortunately were not really looking for anyone on COD cuz the clan is 98 members but on battlefield we have our own servers, if you wanna play with us follow us on twitter here: .. if your interested in joining us on COD check out our website and send me a message on psn on MickCullen and i will take a look but please note its extremely hard to join us on COD as the clan spots are generally reserved for clan members from other games, also note please do not spam messages about joining we generally ignore people who spam, just one message is enough! 

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Re: clan page [oNO]

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Apr 20, 2013

Wow so many rules, it hardly seems worth playing with you for the 1 in a gazillion chance we might get to join your wonderful clan sometime in 2024!


P.S. Welcome to the PlayStation Community!




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