Jun 22 2013
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Youtube channels!

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Hi there, we need your support guys and gals! We are a channel consisting of two people interested in the world of game development and technology, we have a submission video for a well respected channel called Geekandsundry and we are currently on a voting list. 


We would love the community to vote for what they enjoy; not just us! but the more eyes we can get the better chance we have.


Our submission video wasn't the best example of our personalities, so please also check the channel and keep updated with it as we have yet to put a website up and more content unrelated to our submission. 


If you want to vote for us (it would REALLY help us out!) then go to



Also, if you have a channel please use this thread as a way to show other gamers. We would really like to check some other people out, as we just started too. 

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