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Re: Your favorite Resident Evil game on any platform

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Sep 13, 2013

I would have to say my fav was  ''Resident Evil 4''  on the GameCube. But now R6 is not bad but that 4  had a feel to it like the first one did and you cant get that back.         Today  9/12/2013  I am a happy man I jest found on the ps3 store you can get R4 downloaded for the ps3..

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Re: Your favorite Resident Evil game on any platform

Sep 11, 2013
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Re: Your favorite Resident Evil game on any platform

Sep 12, 2013

JERM7 wrote:


ne1atall wrote:
Amazingly my answers match the OP's perfectly.

So your answers are actually questions? :smileytongue:  I don't see any answers by OP.

That's exactly my point. I don't like these types of threads where the OP asks for info from us and doesn't give their opinion. Thety just make the thread and disappear into thin air like this one did.........


@ne1atall: Seriously? You must like to complain  A LOT if you don't like a thread weather it is 1 I started or not, then don't respond to it so that you don't look like a drama queen.


To anyone else wondering what my opinion is ( not posted for the drama queen) but for the others with the decency to enjoy this thread and get a good laugh out of the funny moments mentioned. (which is what this thread was made for)


1: I haven't played all of them because my first Sony system was a ps3 I'd have to say 5 and raccoon city 6 would be fine if it wasn't for the fact I can't pass the last chapter for Chris and the run or die factor all through re6 is irritating

2:Chris, Piers, Leon, Wesker and Sheva.

3:I was playing resident evil 6 with a friend we joked about Leon being the fashion squad because of how he was dressed like he is going to a club and not wearing body armor. Several other jokes were made about his partner having a big butt ,and we referred to Leon as the super roach because everyone seems to want him dead but he never dies he seems to of lasted longer then wesker the original super roach. But we will have to see if he comes back in another game.


I have too many funny moments in 5 and 6 to write them all down a few being me and a friend were playing 6 and we cussed so much people left the game just making all kinds of jokes for every scenario. And in Leons first chapter we saw a user as a zombie so I said holy $#$ RYAN **bleep**!?!? CAN USERS JOIN AS ZOMBIES!?? He answers yes you didn't know? I said uhhhhh (silence )Me: does this game have a option where other players can join? Us? Him: yes..... Me: OH $#!  %$# this lets get into the %$#%$ church  and fix the settings.

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