Dec 04 2006
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XNA Game Studio Express got DEMMX Awards and Feature Suggestion

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* XNA Game Studio Express and the DEMMX Awards
Last Wednesday (11/29), Boyd and I (Joe Nalewabau) had the privilege of representing the XNA Game Studio Express team at the Digital Entertainment Media and Marketing Excellence (DEMMX) awards. XNA Game Studio Express was nominated in two categories:
- Game Innovation of the Year
- Best of Show: Innovator of the Year
We won in both our categories and we now have two shiny trophies to show for it (although no one on the team ever thought that we would be in a competition, competing with Bob Dylan!).
PS It looks like we have also been nominated in the GameDeveloper Front Line awards in the programming category. Wish us luck!

* Got a Feature Suggestion for the Next Version of XNA Game Studio Express?
We're putting the final touches on our first release of XNA Game Studio Express and our launch on December 11th is less than three weeks away! Many of the team's members have started to think about features that could be implemented in versions of XNA Game Studio Express down the road. While the team has ideas about things we'd like to do, we rely on you to tell us about the things you're interested in or that you'd like us to change in future releases of the Product. The best way to share this information with us is by using Microsoft Connect. If you're unfamiliar with Microsoft Connect, please visit this previous post on our blog, for step by step instructions on how to get started.
We've set aside a site on Connect where you can file issues or suggest features for the next version of XNA Game Studio Express. If a feature has already been suggested, you can show your support for that feature by voting for it. We use those votes to help evaluate whether to implement the feature. It's always better to vote for a feature rather than suggest it twice. So if you have some ideas to make XNA Game Studio Express even better, head on over to Microsoft Connect and add, or vote for, your favorite feature suggestions today!

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