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Wounded Wariorr Help & Support

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February 28, 2013


Sony PlayStation Corporate


Wounded Warrior Help & Support


US Army Infantry

29016 67th St

Fort Hood, TX 76544


Dear: PlayStation Corporate


It is with great pleasure that I am able to write to you today. My purpose and actions are an extension of my burring passion to: teach, lead and mentor young soldiers in there young pursuits of becoming military men and women. I am writing you today to not only ask for support, but to help change the stereotype that is bringing down moral that new soldiers face day in and day out when putting on the military uniform. My hope and prayer is that your support in this matter will reach the right people to help those in great need of healing and assistance in everyday living.


My name is [Edited to remove personal identifying information]. and I am an active duty soldier in the US Army Infantry. I have served my country for almost 6 years, and in that time have shown a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition on and off the battle field.  I am definitely a leader rather than a follower.  Though short, during my career as an infantry soldier and leader, I have faced two different conflicts overseas. I have paid the price for that service to my country. I have a degenerative spinal disorder called “Spinal Stenosis” & “Double Crush syndrome” which with regret has put me in a wheelchair. These two debilitating neurological disorders are quickly destroying my spine and spinal cord. In essence I am losing the ability to play with my kids, be in the Army infantry, hold my wife’s hand and play games on the only system I have enjoyed, and have played since it came out on September 9, 1995.  I have been a loyal PlayStation customer for over 18 years. This is a sign of true loyalty, honor and respect for a company and its products. I have and will always be a PlayStation customer.


I urge you to hear my passion and utter selflessness to help and honor those who have been injured in the conflicts that have be going on around the world.  One of your videos on YouTube expresses a “simple” yet “elegant” approach to your new system the PlayStation 4. I ask you to add another important word to that “recognition”. Not just recognition for loyal PlayStation customers, but to honor those who sign the dotted line in a time of war. To lay down their lives for: freedom, democracy and the chance to escape from the world of war by playing a gaming system that has no equal.  

In conclusion I find myself filled with such powerful emotion that I wanted to write to you myself and ask to help me in my quest to help raise recognition for those men and woman who have: lost a limb, been exposed to improvised explosive devices, and many other acts of violence, buy helping us in a time of great need. The PlayStation 4 would not only benefit soldiers by: raising morale, help their issues with being a wounded warrior, but the chance to play games is a fantastic way to give soldiers a taste of home while in the healing process. If it is at all in your power to show your true support for soldiers everywhere, a PlayStation 4 would not only help a wounded warrior, but that gift could change their life forever.


Thank you so much for your time to read this letter and I hope that this correspondence reaches all those who support the military and their families. With great respect I say to you that PlayStation has been a true stress reliever in my life. I will continue to support this fantastic system and praise its: ingenuity, originality, and play games for as long as I am able.




[Edited to remove personal identifying information]

US Army Infantry Squad Leader

Fort Hood TX




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Re: Wounded Wariorr Help & Support

Mar 1, 2013
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Re: Wounded Wariorr Help & Support

Mar 2, 2013

I aperishate your words. I am not looking for thanks or reward.  I am wanting to make it known that there are people out there in the world that truely care for others. I am an avid gamer, and I want to pass on my passion for gaming to all, esspesallly my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform.


I leave you with this quote from Chief Joseph " It is easy to pick up the rifle. It is hard to put it down."  I hope someday we will never have to face war again.



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