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Re: Would you like this to be your next gameplay style?

Jan 12, 2013

Cool concept, bro!


Frankly it seems really gimmicky like 3D is now. Yes it offers a more immersive experience, but what does it really add to gameplay? And lets be real, games that have enough content and creativity on the screen are few and far between as is, what is the chance that your run of the mill game studio that produces average at best games are going to take full advantage of this technology? Spoiler: they can't even make full use of the current technology, it doesn't look good. Right now it's just window dressing, I'd imagine it's quite cost prohibitive, and it seems to be based around Kinect technology. I hate my Kinect, I never use it. The best improvement Microsoft seems to have made to it is when I yelled "Stupid Kinect go away" at it, it seemed to stop popping up and disrupting my FiOS stream. When the best innovation a technology has to offer is sitting quietly in the corner, I think you got problems.

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