Mar 15 2007
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~~Worst class ever~~

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augh we all dread it (enless some luck Baztard get to go to tech school) what is the worst class you have ever taken or are in right now and please xpain why its so boring you want to rip out your hair

for my its a clas called fishing and aquatics.. i hate this class so much1 all we do for 55 minutes is tlak about fish and learn what they look like and the size.. what they eat.. their spwaing patterns.. i sjut cant stand to learn about fish its so $@#@ boring! how can anyone actually enjoy it.. its not like im ever going to go fishing and say oh look at this here bass or what ever they are called.. its sjut not the way it works.. and as a hard core gamer i HATE fishing with firey envy! if RFOM could become rreal i'd have the Chimaira come eat my stupid teach who teaches that class.! ERGH! now im fired up lol i should go running later!

                                                                         ~~~~~~TRACK & FIELD ROCKS~~~~~

-Note: sorry for any spelling erros i tpyed this up with envy!
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