Feb 05 2012
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Wireless headset volume

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Hello, I have a question,

When i use my Wireless bluetooth headset my friends cant hear me very well even if i turn up the volume on my headset, so i checked my volume settings in my ps3 settings area, I look at my volume and its at 3 and the rest of my volume options are grey, how do i change it higher? i want it to be louder but cant figure out how to make the grey numbers usable, is it my parental settings? (note im 22 and only have parental settings becuase their on default from when i got my ps3)

What exactly do i change in parental setting without messing it up, i think i already changed my parental setting but it wont give me any higher or lower volume choices, the numbers are only in grey and not usable until i find out how to change it, i had a ps3 b4 in the past and changed it but cant remember how on my new ps3.

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