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Re: What's a good gift for a chick?

Dec 4, 2006

Pavo Loco wrote:

overachiever wrote:
This smell melts me... and it's sooo easy to get. Inexpensive, too. I don't know, it depends on what kind of girl she is. If you're being careful not to have your gift taken the wrong way, then maybe not. This gift is like "I want you to smell good!". Good thing to go with, I think.

Let's see... jewelry. No. Expensive, and you need alot of taste. Not like you don't have it, but it's easy to mess up, because almost every girl has a different preference.

Gift cards: always work, but they're kind of impersonal. It's like giving someone money. It works, but you might not come across as very thoughtful. Except to a local massouse. That might be a good idea.

Good music or movies are nice, too.

hmmmm..... mk!

I have to buy my sisters present at bed bath and beyond anyways... I might look for something to get my friend as well! Smiley Tongue

I suck at giving presents!

You're right about gift cards, I hate them because it IS basically giving them money, which is just... weird unless she's a prostitute! haha

I guess I'll just sniff around BB&B for a bit and buy her something that I can afford!

by the way, with these gift baskets and lotions and everything you guys are mentioning... how much am I likely to spend? Smiley Surprised

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with just the lotion I would say no more than $10, depending on what size bottle you get.
The gift baskets ... you can get a good one for like $20. Depends on where you go though I guess.
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