May 05 2014
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Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 3 Predictions

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Taking an idea from earlier threads, I thought id make this since the third episode is believed to be released on PSN in the next week or two. Now, I am asking you Dead fans, what are your predictions for the third episode of the games second season?


As usual, the thread contains spoilers from previous episodes, so id recommend you NOT read the thread unless you have finished all of season 1 (and 400 Days), and the 2 episodes of Season 2.



My predictions for the episode:

Forgiveness: As seen in the preview, Clem and Bonnie are seen smiling at each other. I think this means that somehow, during the time between Ep 2 and Ep 3, the group must have made up with each other, or at least, something forces them to put aside their problems and work together.


Beating: In a screenshot released by Telltale, they show Carver beating an unknown person. Could this be Kenny? I think it might be. Perhaps tentions rise and possibly, Carver kills or assaults Kenny's girlfriend, so Kenny attacks, but is instead, attacked by Carver.



Wish List:

My wishes for episodes later in the season are:


- Lilly Returns: Picture it. Kenny, Clem and the group arrive at a new camp. Then, out of nowhere, Lilly comes out: "Kenny?... Clem?". Then it goes from there. Remember that Nikki Rapp, her voice actor, was signed on for more than three episodes, yet, Lilly appeared in only three. Could lilly return?


- Glenn Returns: What ever happened to him? He just left in episode 1 of season 1 and was never seen again. Could we eventually see him again?


- Christa's Fate: Telltale killed Omid in Episode 1 of season 2. In the same episode, Christa and Clem are seperated in the woods and she is never seen again. Could she have been shot? Or is she still alive? And whatever happened to her baby?

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Re: Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 3 Predictions

May 17, 2014

That was one intense episode... Man... Telltale really knows how to hit you when you least expect it. They should write the TV show Smiley Very Happy 


It felt good 

Seeing Carver get his **bleep** beat by Kenny but **bleep** Carlos's death was out of nowhere. Sarah is probably next to go. 



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