Jan 06 2007
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Wait a second... Halo on the DS was real?

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Now, I'm not really a fan of the Halo series, I think it's terribly overrated, but an IGN editor claims that he has played the Halo DS demo.  The game was apparently being created, but it was canned.  There have been a few "leaked" pictures of the game, actually.  this really makes me wonder if those were real though...  <---Link  (contains info I won't post)
Anyway, here are his impressions.
"Amazingly, the ill-fated DS version of the title plays remarkably well. Think Metroid Prime Hunters but with a Halo facelift. I had the opportunity to run through the beginning beach area and noted while playing that it looked like Xbox Halo except on DS, it was running fast, and the control was responsive. The trademark Halo music even played out of the tiny speakers of Nintendo's handheld. It is really, truly a damned shame that certain publishers couldn't make this happen because it would have undoubtedly been a huge hit and would have only furthered the popularity of DS and the Halo franchise.
Now that DS is enjoying a clear lead over PSP and the Halo franchise is bigger than ever, I'd like to see this game-that-could-have-been actually come to exist on the retail market. It's too good of an idea and the execution is too impressive to let it collect dust in the forgotten cabinet of a publisher's vaporware library.

Would you buy Halo on DS?"
Quite honestly, though I think it's overrated, I would buy a DS installment.  The DS lacks in the FPS genre (Metroid...only good multiplayer and online, and Rogue Agent, which was pretty bad)  and well, I am a fan of first person shooters. 
My person favorite mock boxarts.
Anyway, about the pictures, there were a few ones that floated around, but everybody claimed they were fake.  I saw them myself, and the graphics looked reasonable (N64 like), but I assumed they were fake as well.  All of them that I saw before have been deleted off of Nsider (where I originally saw them), but most of those were clear photoshops anyway.
So, if the game were still in production, would you buy it?
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Re: Wait a second... Halo on the DS was real?

Jan 6, 2007
no i dont think i would buy it because 1 i dont have a ds and 2 it would probobly not look good on a ds
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