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Re: Video Games, Violence and Children.

Feb 2, 2010
LBP does make me want to shoot barrels at my self
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Re: Video Games, Violence and Children.

Feb 2, 2010
You might not want to mention the ESRB rating system.  If you introduce the idea that there is a need for a rating system it may hurt your argument.  Like you said earlier about comparing to other forms of media I think books would be the best form of media to use for comparison.  The reason is that it's a general preconception that books are good where tv and movies may be a little harder to work with.
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Re: Video Games, Violence and Children.

Feb 2, 2010
I dont believe videogames cause increased violence in children, but I do believe they can cause increased violence in mentally unstable people, children and adults included. I cant really think of a different scenario off hand so im just going to use bullying as an example, millions of children are bullied, do they all kill their classmates? No, but you will get the odd one that does. 
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Re: Video Games, Violence and Children.

Dec 19, 2012

happyenjoy wrote:

I wrote this for my last college semster hope this helps you out.


 Video Games Are Not the Answer

As society begins to emerge into a new discovery of life, new ideas as well as the past decade, technology has made easier and safer ways to make life straightforward. The media has made obscure concerns between superior righteousness.  Should franchise video game companies be held responsible for legal liability by regulation towards consumers that develop negative effects of behaviors as a result?

There have been numerous comments on how video games may cause bad effects on children who tend to play violent mature rated games purchased by the legal guardian. According to the NYVPRC, 74% of families who own video game equipment as to the average video gamers spending 53 minutes per day playing, while 48% of the parents are supervising as to 88% supervising while watching television. The legal guardian is still held responsible for purchasing a mature rated game. If the child where to play the game as often, the parent guardian should be supervising at all times. The legal guardian should also know when to mute inappropriate messages or images when the child is playing. Taking action is necessary when the child refuses to have a good behavior. Discipline must be taught towards other priorities that should be held along the parent guardian’s responsibility. A GameStop employee named Doug, who I had an interview with, also stated that each employee gives brief information about each game they sell. It’s up to the parents who are responsible watching their children that purchase mature games. The GameStop employee suggests it is not a good idea for the child to play mature games yet it is still held by the parents who are responsible. When purchasing a game, parents should be more informed about deciding right from wrong then simply just giving their child money for them to go up to a cash register as their guardian is waiting to park the car outside, then coming in buying the game without even looking.

According to Microsoft’s healthy gaming guide, taking brakes is a great way to relax your body from frequent periods of time that also avoids Musculoskeletal and long lasting side effects. For instance, after sitting in front of a TV for a period of time, take a break while standing up is a good way to keeping your body stable as to sitting in one position. Another great way of taking a break is by switching controllers such as using a controller pad other than using a hand controller. This makes physical activity more motivated then being static. Being healthy is an important value at the same time as exercising, but also towards the right food and getting enough sleep. Being in shape makes exhaustion less determining by having flexibility and being active. Legal guardians should also watch their children for sugary foods that lead to health problems. Bad food and poor diets can cause harmful effects such as the lack of losing muscles and heart attacks. Bad food and poor diets can also lead to a poor gaming by having great amount of sugar that can cause large effects mentally and physically. Playing while pressing and holding a game controller to long can result to injuries and discomfort as Microsoft’s healthy gaming guide states; playing lightly can result to a likely pain or injury.

Not only can video games include bad effects and good effects to consumers, but to video game companies as well. The National Institute on Media and the Family had found positive and negative effects of video game played by children. For instance, video games can introduce children to information and technology. As of the late 70’s, video games were just pixels and 8-bit music; graphics were nothing but big blocks. Comparing to today, an entry on Wikipedia explains about the history of video games that has made a large advancement towards computer technology. This gives children some knowledge of the past and present such as a third party video game developer Activision that existed in the 70’s is still present in today. Activison has currently made their latest video game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 that has outstanding technology improvements comparing to their 97’s game called Quake 4. Video games can also provide problem solving and logic that can be educational to children depending on the video game, many other video game companies such as Leap Frog and VTech provide educational video games that are E for everyone according to the ESRB ratings.

Video games can also include bad effects as a technology. Most games are filled with violence that embraces killing, shooting, stabbing with weapons. Most of these games also take place in a violent environment. Studies found by National Institute on Media and the Family while playing these games, taking part as a violent act may cause aggression in behavior that is less likely than watching television. Studies also concluded that first person shooter games would be more likely to increase violence by having motivation of striving for survival of the fittest.  Stated by Tom in Teaching Kids to kill, a 15 year old boy Carneal killed 8 innocents in Columbine High School after shooting five shots at the head and 3 shots in the chest. Carneal had taken practice at his very own home playing a shooting arcade game as well as practicing with a real gun and live ammunition. Ironically Tom also states that the military, such as the Marine Corp, uses a simulator such as a video game; by taking violence from an artificial environment and placing the simulated reactions that result to the increase of accuracy that is concluded as the same result from a video game. Tom also states that 90 percent of the accuracy was also increased during the Vietnam War by using human shaped targets resolving the same practice used as Carneal did. Violent games require less creativity and thought as to an interactive game called Little Big Planet published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Creativeness is a big roll while the violent level is lower than a shooter game that makes the game E for everyone followed by the ESRB ratings. Such games as to the series of Dance Dance Revolution developed by Konami has become a great hit from its dance pad controller that allows users to move around the floor rather than sitting at one spot. While playing, the player must go though tasks that dramatically becomes challenging while the game level becomes difficult to expert mode. The game has become popular due to its interactive dance pad and constant movement that embraces a few charitable organizations to raise money such as the cure for cancer or educational needs as Christine stated in Fitness Matters.

Video games has also developed gamers with disabilities creating new ways to interact with video games that require physical measures such as holding and reaching buttons while the concern is still unaware with video game system developers. A possibility of the cause is the lack of manufactures that not only design several products, but lack the profit of balancing personal business interest. Video game companies such as Nintendo may have over-looked their latest motion control technology when productions  may have lost funds to produce mass productions of products that aid the disabled when the gaming population is roughly about ten to twenty percent stated by tk2012 from the Playstation Off-Topic Discussion. Although there have been companies that are not followed by rules and regulation with copyrighted material, these companies still produce products that may not look appealing, however functions as a aid that helps other disabled gamers whiling adapting to a video game also stated by tk2012.

Video games may not be straight forward to parents that argue, yet a few people have comment from what they think about parents that argue about video games in general.  I have interviewed two of my best friends Dan Smith and Elica Park. My first question to Dan was: “What do you have to say about parents not being too responsible for their children who are being misleading?” and he replied: “Well, parents can only do so much. They should of course try to follow the ESRB ratings.” He was suggesting that parents can possibility have too much responsibility with their daily tasks and by having to look over with their children, they can’t be too severe with everything else. Although following the ESRB by official standards that present the regulation is highly achievable with television advertisements and in store warnings before handling with video games, that is strongly recognizable. I then asked another question relating to the first question: “Do you still say that parents are responsible even if their child is doing poor in their education?” His reply was: “Do you mean that as in the kids are doing poor in school because they do not study and just play video games? Then yes. Games can be addicting, but in the end it's the parents fault for not telling them when to stop.” Video games should still be advised by parents that take role as part of a guardian, even if video games do attract attention away from education, it is still the parents control by having information such as report cards that show a result from evidence knowing if they should or shouldn’t leave the video games away.

I then asked the same similar questions to Elica and her reply was: “My answer is that they should not blame anything or anyone else for not being able to take care of their own children.” Understanding from stand point, video game companies are trying to manage products and produce as much as they can while exploring new technology whereas being cautious from dangers of leaving out the important regulations. I then asked another question: “Even if the guardian purchased a mature rated game for their children?” Her reply was: “The parents should be blamed for purchasing the mature game for their children. It's not like the company forced the parent to buy it or anything it was their choice so why are they blaming other people, other companies for the choices they made? So are you saying that all violent video games should be banished from this world?  It’s about entertainment you can’t get rid of every entertainment that somebody decides as offensive usually it’s the adolescent children that are greatly influenced  therefore, parents should take responsibility for the age that their children start playing M rated video games.” Buying a game for the children is a privilege, while the parent is acknowledging the reward; the children may have also suggested a game they wanted not knowing as it was a rated mature game. As a result, while playing a mature rated game, the children may have reacted as if confused or understanding for the first time while the guardian may be busy away from the children. The parent is still hold responsible while purchasing the game when the game company is only presenting the game to mature gamers as rated. The parent might realize the violence coming from the mature rated game that is not for children. The game company is only developing products as to a video game should be used for, the video game is pointed to the consumers as entertainment being provided while the parent taking the risk knowing the game is rated mature should be concluded that the game company is not held responsible.


While the media is still fighting for what’s right, comments from many consumers may have their own opinion if video game companies should be held responsible for negative effects of behaviors that develop from consumers. Making the right choice between satisfying the consumer and risking the concerns is part of the consumer’s responsibility. After acknowledging the product and regulations held part of the ESRB, only the consumer holds the integrity behind the acceptance of the purchase.



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As it may inevitably be the next shoe to drop, I thought I would look up something on violent video games.  


I think happenjoy has it pretty well stated.  Mind you, this was written before the increased play, or even release of the Battlefields and Call of Duty Modern Warfares.


Regardless, it is becoming increasingly apparent; society is looking for more ways to recuse itself of responsibility, for the action of others.


Mentally and emotionally stable, key point, individuals are not influenced by video games to commit violent acts.  As happyenjoy states at one point, children under the age of ten are more apt to be influenced, due in large part to the undeveloped portion of the brain that controls reality perception.  Granted, most responsible parents do not let their ten year old or younger play games like BF3 or CODMWF1, nor do they let them use or have access to firearms and any other weapons.


Guardians, and parents should be able to recognize when a game, music, movies, or even the people their children associate with begin to change or affect them.  Not recognizing there is a problem, or ignoring it, is negligence.  It is always easier to blame something or someone else for the wrongs someone has committed, rather than taking the responsibility for allowing them to continue on their path.


Violent video games to not desensitize individuals from actual violence.  When presented with a situation to commit violence, well adjusted individuals will try all they can to shy away form it.  This is why military training is so intensive and borders on brain washing.  It takes extreme conditions to convince the well adjusted individual to commit violent acts, even when they are in the best interest of themselves and those around them.  Even after extensive training, once removed from a violent military situation, the average person has a hard time readjusting to "regular" life.  The acts of violence committed have deep penetrating moral scars for some.


To say; just playing a violent game, watching a violent movie/show, or listening to violent music, would bring someone to commit a heinous act, is ridiculous.  If that is all it would take, then why have military training of any kind.  Just set up some game systems and let everyone get desensitized, give them a rifle and send them on their way.  Not that simple, not even realistic.


Those; to whom committing violence comes easy; are either full on sociopaths, or bordering on it.  The answer lies with who is watching these people.  I have a cousin who is a borderline sociopath.  He is closely monitored, and not allowed to play violent games, by his parents.  He was in a facility until he was eighteen, at which time the State said it could not longer hold him.  He was to be released into the public and "set free".  My Aunt and Uncle, took it upon themselves to keep him under their control.  He is their child, so they are taking responsibility for him.  He is not a sociopath of any fault of theirs, he is just imbalance chemically, psychologically, and emotionally.  It happens naturally, but it does not mean he should get a pass.  It certainly does not mean his parents should get a pass.  Unfortunately, the State, who would just as quickly ban a video game, movie, song, or firearm, GETS THE PASS.  What is wrong with this picture?


It is on us, as a society to watch one another.  It is on us to help identify the problems, before anyone gets hurt.  It is not up to a government to decide the liberties of the masses, based on the short sightedness of a few.


---End Rant


As a side note, I was going to make a thread about the blame that will inevitably come regarding violent video games.  I decided to do a SEARCH, something many people do not bother to do here, before creating a plethora of similar threads.


The result of my efforts, brought this old thread out of the cobb webs.  The subject is just as relevant, although the references are dated.  As well, I chose to quote happyenjoy, based on the thoroughness of the argument.  Although the text is hard to read, of no fault to happyenjoy, it is a fantastic representation of the facts and arguments.


I added my current insights at the bottom, to voice what I think is the major issue in the societal blame game.


Any thoughts, comments, ideas?


BT Dubbs, I did notice someone used to use the same color font as me, back before I was a member or active participant.  Kind of funny, I had no idea.  At first I thought they were my comments. Smiley LOL


Finally, Sir-Climhazzard, what did you get for a grade? Smiley Happy



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People like to blame the acts of individuals on everythin...

Dec 19, 2012

People like to blame the acts of individuals on everything. Its the parents responsibility to regulate their children.

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Re: Video Games, Violence and Children.

Dec 19, 2012

DrGadget wrote:
I think this is all based on a "concerned mother backlash" that's been going on for years. Everything is too violent, so they say. But I grew up watching Tom and Jerry, and Coyote/Road Runner. Cartoons were nothing but violence back in the day. Nobody went around killing people because they saw it on a cartoon and were unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. It just didn't happen. Kids were raised better back then.

Kids aren't raised properly now. And instead of blaming it on the parents where it belongs, we are quick to blame it on anything else. Especially if it's the mother. Supposedly mothers are above reproach and it can't possibly be them. We'll sacrifice the dad to protect the mom. You keep hearing the term "deadbeat dads". How many times have you heard people talk about "deadbeat moms"? Not that often. It's assumed that mothers are pure and perfect and infallible. They are not.

Video game violence doesn't screw kids up. Stupid parents screw kids up. And since it's usually the mother who spends most of the time interacting with the kids, it's obvious where to point the finger of blame.

A perfect example of this was back in the 90's when some stupid kid burned down the house. Why did he do it? He claims he watched Beavis and Butt-head all the time and they glorified fire. Beavis would always scream, "FIRE! FIRE!" There you go. TV is evil, so we must demand that MTV pull Beavis and Butt-head off the air. Turns out that family didn't have cable. So it wasn't MTV causing the problem. The kid was both a pyro and a liar. I've been on record this whole time that the mother is to blame. She's raising derelict kids.


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Re: Video Games, Violence and Children.

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Dec 20, 2012

Video games are bad. For example, 

Super Mario Bros. inspired me to drop out of school to become a Mushroom taking plumber. Pokemon influenced me to capture stray animals and make them fight other stray animals. Mass Effect caused me to discriminate against certain races of space aliens (Goddamn Krogan scum Smiley Mad  and don't even get me started on the Quarians....). Fallout made me turn my house into a vault and acquire several military grade weapons (Gotta get ready for life after Friday, right guys?). Grand Theft Auto made me hire prostitutes, beat them up and then take my money back, ignore phone calls from my cousin, drive wrecklessly to flip my car over (But somehow the cars never catch on fire) and hide after I commit crimes because it will be like nothing ever happened after 3 minutes. 


Yup.... All video games fault. 

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