Nov 25 2013
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Turtle beach?

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So right now I have the playstation wireless headset and it's pretty awesome! You can have all the sound in you ear or just voices of people talking.
It usually lasts up to 7 hours which has decreased in the yer I've owned it but sometimes it doesn't last 5 which means gaming time is cut short. Smiley Sad
You can plug it in and use it but I don't have a 10 ft cord so I'm basically attached on top of my ps3.
I'm looking at getting a turtle beach. Never had one before. The p11 is standing out to me the thing that worries me is it says you can hear yourself in your headset. My buddy has one and he says unless his mic is against his mouth he can't.
I loved the fact it's wired that's the other common complaint is within a few months the wiring has a short or something in it. Sooo..
I figured I'd post this and see how many others have had good or bad experiences with p11 or any for that matter. I've always been told turtle beach is the best for the price. Of course if you wanna spend a few hundred which I don't it maybe made better...
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