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Re: Traffic ticket experiences. !!! XD

Jan 11, 2007
Well, I've only gotten one traffic ticket.....and it was for an accident.

Technically the accident was my fault, becuase of how it happened, so I got the ticket. (it was really the other driver's fault becuase they weren't paying attention). The other driver even knew that it was their fault, and was happy that I got the ticket becuase of a technicality.

I probably could have been proved innocent if I went to court (I had witnesses saying that it was the other driver's fault)......but I didn't want to deal with it, so I just paid the fine.

Then a couple months later, the other driver decides that becuase I admitted I was guilty.....she could fake that she had been injured and sue me for it. She ended up getting several thousand dollard (originally sued for like $40,000). I don't know how it was possible for her to have gotten injured......when we collided I wasn't moving at all, and she was going like 10 MPH.

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