Mar 29 2013
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Traded PS3 ACIII Videogame for comic books.

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Actually I got two Simpsons comics plus some money.


When I bought my new PS3 Slim it was in an ACIII bundle. I already owned and had played the ACIII videogame.


I went to Game Stop and they said if I took the cellophane off of the game they'd give me $15. It was store policy not to buy games that were still wrapped in cellophane.


Best Buy offered me $18. They wouldn't exchange it for a new game.


My comic book guy bought it for two comics and change, worth $20 in all. He was going to buy the game someday but he had a long list of games to play that he owned.


I'd rather have somebody that I buy comic books from all the time and is a PS3 owner who likes the AC games have the game than get ripped off by Game Stop and Best Buy.

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