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Re: Too Much TV May Lower Sperm Count

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Feb 6, 2013

Its more than a perfect reason not to have kids. 

Earth is being trashed by us and just as sci-fi has alerted us. Populations rate shall continue to rise and the earths supplies and resources will continue to be depleTed. 

Mother earth is the most precious thing. 

The waste that roam this earth and stupidity of humankind of today is more than enough reason for an asteroid to collide with us and restart Our precious earth anew.  Very dissapointed about doomsday. 

And no im no hippie or tree hugger. 

I just hate humanity overall.  This thread topic is a perfect example. And the followers of today. Cnn feeding gibberish when it should be informative. The latest tweet that sparks amazement..  Or the next trend over a stupid girls face or some obnoxious kid being obnoxious. And the tragedies that provide countless hours of entertainment and fake compassion only to move on to what americans think via a facebook link Of what some individual that has no value but many become infatuated with Eats n Wears. First ive spelled that sht FB.

Who doesnt want their opinion heard, validated and acknowledge. And what better and most exciting way then to do it then via a tv. And sharing thoughts on something that so many others who have that same common interest and knowledge Can relate to. And this is america. Word.. we all have common knowledge of the beeb. How many americans out there dissapointed that ricki lake was cancelled. 

How many americans still watch maury when theres nothing of value worth watching into. these shows only promote ignorance. And theres no stopping that. And its popularity. Unaware its the same rerun on loop. 

We all are aware of the excitement that sparks from our sports events.. And to and how to celebrate each.  

Things that are suppose to stand for learning but provide countless stupidities.  Who knows how many conversations americans had today based on this piece of informative knowledge..  Tv and sperm. Two hot topics all and everyone loves to talk about. 

Well anything to avoid awkwardness.  And thats exactly what americans specialize at. And thats exactly what it is. All thats needed are place holders to finish the table and have organization to avoid disaster. Gotta lOve it.  Pick up wine to really enjoy the experience. 

Americans and their lifestyles. 

Like i said... Screw humankind of today. 

But its human afterall. 

And The ways of the world today. To hate.  Its a sin. Undeniable by us all. 

But its always been me too. Full of love and hate. 

meaning im as caring and compassionate as one should be. But hateful towards the ways of our world and its inhabitants. 





Children are the future. 


- Restless Dreams.
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Re: Too Much TV May Lower Sperm Count

Feb 6, 2013

ne1atall wrote:

the_original_se wrote:

ne1atall wrote:

the_original_se wrote:

Logical_Dolphin wrote:
I would think that cell phones would pose a greater threat...

but wouldnt people have to hold the phones to their crotch instead of their head?

oh god, i just imagined someone answering their phone and doing that. Smiley Very Happy

No. I bet the phone spends a lot of time in a pocket or attached to a belt. You know close to the nad region.

true. but wasnt the whole "cell phones cause cancer" thing due to the waves emited while making phone calls?

I would think receiving them too. Meaning they'd be in those places zapping us until it was answered or went to voice mail. Either way I agree that and this are both bunk.

All cellphones emit cellular waves at all times, unless they are totally off. Smartphones especially, since they frequently send and recieve data polling for new messages and such...

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Re: Too Much TV May Lower Sperm Count

Feb 6, 2013

the_original_se wrote:
true. but wasnt the whole "cell phones cause cancer" thing due to the waves emited while making phone calls?



i noticed an article about cellphone



i don't care about other reasons..


but i'm all for it about women and NO BRA   to prevent cancer!  (as stated in the article!!.. lol)

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