Mar 24 2013
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This guy is the reason I bought a PS3:

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Just thought I would share this video series with you guys in case you haven't seen it, though, you prob have.


A while ago, before I bought the PS3, I was on a really tight budget. I had to choose between the PS3 or 360, and, at first, I wanted the 360 because it was the popular console in my part of town. But, I had to make a smart decision, I didn't get 300 bucks everyday, ya know... so I did some online searching, reading ENDLESS xbox vs ps3 articles online, some said PS3, others said 360, it was just far too confusing...then, I found this video series, which, I watched all the way through lol:





Now, those are just 2 of the 12 rounds. You can find the rest on youtube and watch em' if you enjoyed those. Just wanted to share the single thing that made me buy the PS3, other than my love for the PSX and PS2 lol.


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