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Re: The end of OPM Official Playstation Magazine)!

Jan 10, 2013

Logical_Dolphin wrote:

havocsarmy wrote:

I used to get the OPM just for the demo discs, didn't care about the reviews because it wasn't impartial, it was Sony's magazine.


It's been a long time since I read OPM, too expensive for my taste. I don't trust reviews anymore and think they're hogwash. Just people with motives who are out to promote this or that.



 It was Sony's official magazine, but Sony didn't run the magazine. IMO the reviews were quite impartial, there were plenty of good and bad reviews in the pages of the magazine.


You should have seen Nintendo Power magazine in the early days whe Nintendo ran the magazine. That magazine was very partial, they would give a positive spin to even the worst games released for that month...



LD, I laughed out loud on the last part


When I first started buying mags it was Gamepro then PSM, then OPM which was out of everyone I knew price range. I had my Game Informer mag cancelled because I wanted to play demos which they didn't have and got spoiled.

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