Jan 28 2013
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The Playstation, Where did Sony go wrong this Generation?

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I must admit a lot of great points were made during this video & sony should pay close attention to the points made during this video on the pros & cons of this generation to ensure a healthy product life span for near & distance future playstation platforms!




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Re: The Playstation, Where did Sony go wrong this Generation?

Jan 28, 2013

Not sure how much of that I can agree with. I mean isn't the stuff that this guy accuses them of doing wrong, the exact things that made both the PS1 and PS2 successful? It wasn't necessarily a few big selling titles that pushed such high sales of the consoles. I mean the PS2 had something for everybody on a pretty massive level and while San Andreas sold over 20 million copies, the console itself sold like 1.5 billion games. Most of these games didnt do any better in sales than our current games. And most of them were not even shooters which while may be popular, are still only a niche in the grand scheme of things.


Now while the PS3 wasn't this punching bag that this guy claims (ahead of Microsoft in global sales I believe even in 1 less year), I do see some mistakes that were made. Mainly that they tried to be too much like microsoft.for the first part of the generation. I mean even Uncharted was changed to appeal to more of a hardcore crowd compared to what Naughty Dog wanted to do with it.


Another problem was the lack of Japanese software development this generation due to the Japanese sort of shifting gears in their gaming tastes. I don't think they even use the same controller scheme anymore  not to mention their games are based on Moe. The Japanese pretty much broke up with America and Europe. I think what Sony started doing the second half of the generation is spot on. And by making plentiful exclusives as well as supporting the third party, they will do just fine next gen. You can play a multiplat anywhere. It's the exclusives that suck people in. It's going to take a bit more than just Halo and Gears next gen to be a contender in the traditional gaming market. I mean Microsofts model is only set up to appeal to two demographics while nickel and diming every single one of them.

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Re: The Playstation, Where did Sony go wrong this Generation?

Jan 29, 2013

if i could i'd give this a thumbs down... disagree w/ mostly everything in that video.

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