Jan 24 2013
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The Playstation 4 what will make or brake you getting one when it shows up

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Ok so we all know there is going to be a PS4 in the next year or so. Now one thing I would like to get the community to start talking about right now is what will make or break you getting this system so HOPEFULLY someone from Sony listens up and we actually get some stuff we want right off the bat instead of waiting like 3 years before a good game comes out on the console.


My fist and foremost thing is backwards compatibility. Sony has released A LOT of HD ports as of the past 2 years I want to be able to play my disc versions of those on my PS4.


This brings me to point second the PSN carries over. We should not haft to re register or go to a new type of store or do anything to get our old downloads or re collect Trophies on a New PSN ID.


Number 3: Data transfer. I should be able to when I first get my PS4 be able to plug my PS3 in to my PS4 and transfer all my saved game data including the PS1and PS2 internal memory cards so I can keep my FF7 and FF8 saved games.


On to the 4th Some decent launch titles Resistance 4, Jak and Daxter 4, a Killzone’s Prequel, Twisted Metal Blood Bath, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep remixed. Basically give us a reason to choose the PS4 Over just keeping out PS3's and being happy with that, and no shutting down the online services for PS3 will not get me to buy a new console if anything that would **bleep** me off enough to switch to Xbox.


Number 5 Keep the online free to play games. This is a bit selling point to me I want to be able to play Mass Effect 3 online co op free of charge. I don't play a whole lot of online but when I want to play Army of Two 40th day, Killzone 3 or Resistance Co-Op with my friends who live 3 hours away from me its nice to know i can just go on an play without subscriptions or annual fees.


 If anyone can think of anything else that will make or break the console for you post away as well as if any of these are big things for you reinforce it with replies by giving you reasons that you want to see these features.

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Re: The Playstation 4 what will make or brake you getting one when it shows up

Jan 24, 2013

We all know there will be a PS4 in the next year or so? How do we know? Who said? You? I don't believe you.

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Re: The Playstation 4 what will make or brake you getting one when it shows up

Jan 25, 2013

 First I would like to point you to game announcements I have not seen a single Big name multiplatform announced this year yet and it’s been a month normally we have at least 3 big name titles announced by now, but really for both the 360 and PS3 there have been no new announcements recently everything is just new trailers for games that are coming out this year. Why have we not heard anything about the new Assassins Creed Spin off game for 3, Why have they not announced the new Call of Duty? Now some of you may want to wait till E3 but I’ve made my assumptions and made my inferences to me and quite a few others It is fairly clear that by the winter holidays of 2014 the PS4 will be on the shelves OTHER WISE Nintendo will start destroying in software sales as it is currently has the most powerful system. The only big name announcement I can point to and it was announced at the end of last year was Elder Scrolls Online and its only been pressed as being on PC.


So to sum up I don't see Sony and Microsoft taking a back set on the next Gen of consoles, giving Nintendo a 3 year head start and enough time to build a large enough library of games. It being only like $300 when the PS4 comes out at $600 the Wii U will sell even more but the longer Sony and Xbox wait the more the Wii U's price will drop the more it will see when the overpriced consoles come out thus my deduction is Sony and Microsoft will not leave Nintendo unchallenged for more then 2 years

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Re: The Playstation 4 what will make or brake you getting one when it shows up

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Jan 25, 2013

Backwards compability will be one of the biggest factor's as to when I buy the PS4.

(Based on rumor's of the changes to hardware and sony's fincial state, Sony may not be).


If the PS4 does not have BC with at least PS3, I will not be early adopter.

I'll wait till there's mutiple games I really want before considering purchasing. 


If lack of Jrpg's happens on the PS4 it may be quite some time before I break down and buy it.


If they required a paid service for online, netflix, etc, I'll happily stay on my PS3 for video streaming apps (Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc)  and skip online play on the PS4 completely.  


I own every current generation, and pervious generation game console.

I use to be a Sony Fanboy (PS1/PS2) but felt really burned with the PS3 in many ways.

(Don't get me wrong the PS3 is my primary dvd, blu-ray, Netflix, Crunchyroll)




If the PS4 played Vita/PSP games on the PS4, that would be postive with me. 

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Re: The Playstation 4 what will make or brake you getting one when it shows up

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Jan 26, 2013

i would have to say in order of importamce.

1.  Price $399 and unde

2.  Game price drop maybe to $50 per game.  If it goes to $69.99 per game you can count me out.

2.5 1TB hard drive to have more room to store (that is what is in my PS3 right now). 

3. game selection

4. features (cross game chat, built in gameplay recording, chat rooms to chat with anyone on the PS4)

5.  accessories (1080p PlayStation Eye, )

6.  more features (better web browser that supports Java and Flash)

7.  Fully LED lit controller to see buttons (this is more of a personal preference )


i am sure i might be leaving something out.



to the other guy you would not see it play vita games as you would need a touchscreen front and back.  plus it would be hard to know where you are pressing at on the game.

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