Mar 11 2012
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The Great Earthquake of Eastern Japan: One year later

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As most of us are aware, Japan was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 9.0 (The largest earthquake ever measured in Japan) and followed up by a massive tsunami and nuclear disaster one year ago, on March 11 2011.

Japan's Prime Minister stated that this is Japan's "Toughest crisis since World War II". With losses estimated at almost a quarter of a trillion dollars, (Yes, trillion, with a T), it is the most financially costly natural disaster ever.

The latest figures show that, as of now, there are 15,854 confirmed deaths and over 3,000 missing. This is more than twice as much as Japan's last major earthquake at Kobe in 1995 (Estimated 6,400 killed).

The Fukushima Nuclear plant, which was the largest nuclear plant in Japan, can never be used again. A 20 km radius around the plant will never be inhabited for years or decades to come.

I think many of us, as gamers, feel a special connection with Japan, as many great video games, including PlayStation itself, come from there.

To the 340,000 people displaced by this disaster, and the many victims who have lost loved ones, you are in our hearts.

On a related note, I apparently have a reputation for posting or saying "wrong" things. Anything I said that seems wrong or offensive was not intentional, and I apologize. Please know that I'm not treating this as funny business. I know just how serious this event is.

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