May 04 2013
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The AMA Supercross/Motocross Thread - Week of: MAY 4, 2013

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The AMA Supercross/Motocross Thread

Supercross/Motocross (dirt bike racing) is not as popular as sports like basketball, football, handegg, baseball, or hockey, but it certainly is just as, if not more, intense as the popular sports. This thread is for those who are fans of supercross.


Who is your favorite rider? Who do you want to win the Monster Energy Cup in the 450s and 250s? Currently, Villopoto is in the lead, but no one knows for sure if he'll hang on to the lead and win another Monster Energy Cup Smiley Surprised


May 4, 2013

This week, AMA goes to San Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. This is the last race of the regular season before the final race at the Monster Energy Cup. Who do you want to win? Smiley Happy


AMA Supercross Standings


11Ryan Villopoto3465222525131525222525252525222225 
218David Millsaps31825201822222522201511182216202022 
35Ryan Dungey31520131520252020151822222022251820 
451Justin Barcia261142511202215181620161618182516 
522Chad Reed22418182091616181220161518 16111 
641Trey Canard220221622181413141613152 2014318 
729Andrew Short202151214151512127119141214151213 
810Justin Brayton1771261311111416812181015121315 
97James Stewart17413149218181252213201423   
1020Broc Tickle1653910131210119101210131181410 
1112Jake Weimer139161516 1  1398115129168 
1262Matthew Goerke13994121489131061013111010   
13800Mike Alessi10711716411911145411715  
1446Weston Peick91778  710 33113411512 
1575Joshua Hill86     365 6981313914 
1639Robert Kiniry572 36 5714 3685 7 
1717Eli Tomac52       1481812      
1849Phillip Nicoletti48        227992116 
1942Vince Friese45435126         105 
2084Chris Blose44  4 2424   56674 
2133Joshua Grant4010111153            
2257Ben Lamay39     25  4 7 489 
2355Jimmy Albertson38 2 109 827        
2411Kyle Chisholm3888687   1        
2547Matthew Lemoine346523108           
2654Les Smith27   7   3 7 271   
2785Kyle Partridge25     13 5 6 5 41 
2814Kevin Windham211110               
2969Peter Larsen17    56 6         
3094Ken Roczen14         14       
3164Justin Sipes13      4   54     
32374Cody Gilmore9              63 
33722Adam Enticknap5            3  2 
34920Cedric Soubeyras4   4             
35143Michael Horban2              2

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Re: The AMA Supercross/Motocross Thread - Week of: MAY 4, 2013

May 4, 2013

do you not watch supercross? Smiley Indifferent  villopoto already won.. *facepalm*

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Re: The AMA Supercross/Motocross Thread - Week of: MAY 4, 2013

May 4, 2013
Sorry, I was under the impression that the Monster Energy Cup, although a special event, counted towards the points standings. I do watch supercross, but I was mistaken on that one part. You could have been nicer, though - that was rather rude Smiley Sad
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