Oct 04 2012
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Supreme (gaming) Beings

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Ah, The Supreme (gaming) Beings of the PS World.


When posting an original message, looking for feedback, perhaps the poster should put a disclaimer in the title noting the required gamer level that is allowed to have input.


How many times has anyone gone on to a thread to leave some feedback, and been berated by another Forum member for being sub-par in the particular game of conversation?


While I will occasionally introduce a post that has extreme suggestions, I can accept when the topic gets serious.  I adjust my posting to acclimate to the tone of the thread.  The bullies of the Forum will start to qualify you, based on your game experience, and how it does not measure up to their level of play.  By this recognition only, they tell you you have no grounds to even participate in the thread, and your ideas are "dumb".  Once again, if you don't agree with the post, make it known, and move on.  Don't get personal about it.


If you call me out, I will call you out.  It is human nature.  Do I, say some things from time to time that may come close to a threshold?  Yes, I do.  I say what I say to make my point.  I will make inferences, but I will not, with the intent to degrade someone intentionally.  Be warned though, if you question my character, I will respond.


Do not think because you excel in one particular area, that you have become the end all, be all, in who deserves to make a post.  Play your game, talk about it, but leave the trash talk in the trash.



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