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Re: SupermanReturns demo out (XBL Marketplace)

Nov 15, 2006

Bill from RI wrote:

Lando2 wrote:
EA did this game? I thought it was a different devloper. Aw, now I know its junk without seeing it, the only thing good Ea has put out that appeals to me, is Fight Night Round 3, and Madden 07 ONLY AND I MEAN ONLY because its the only football game out. Everything out is just basic re-runs with a new something or other, they just spit them out day after day just to make a million more dollars because they know people have no other choice.

You seem to not really like the Maden series. Why don't you take a quick trip to the Madden Boards, find my thread, and give some suggestions on improving the game which will be sent to EA?

Good idea, thanks. Ive sent numorous letters to the company (i mean e-mails) about their problems and flaws. I'll check your thing out I guess, maybe make some sense of things
This should be where that ugly block face is.
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