Oct 23 2012
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Suggestions on car detailing products?

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A month ago, I got an interior/exterior detail on my car by a local shop. They did a phenomenal job! The dash is still shiny after these several weeks.

I would like to reproduce that kind of quality in a do-it-yourself detailing job -- however, at the same time, I prefer products that are relatively low maintenance.

The products I'm inquiring about are for:
1) Tire shine (Black Magic? Armor-All? Turle Wax? MacGuiars?)
2) Dash shine (with U/V protectant)
3) Window cleaning (which chemical(s) and cleaning cloths?)

One idea I received was Glass Scrub for windows, followed by my ordinary glass cleaner. Everything I have ever tried is guaranteed to leave streaks.

To summarize, what products would you suggest that would closely match the longevity and quality of the chemicals that detail shops use? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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