May 22 2014
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Steam starts In-Home Streaming service

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Steam has launched their In-Home streaming service, which was previously a private beta.


What it does is it's basically similar to Remote Play for PS4.


If two PCs are connected to the same home network, you can have one PC (probably your high end PC) act as a Remote PC, and stream games to another PC in your home.


I find this extremely useful. I have a gaming laptop, but it doesn't perform that great anymore, and my HDD is filling up. Now I can just keep all my games on my Desktop and simply stream to my Laptop, and even hook my Laptop to my TV and play on that.


So that's nice.

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Re: Steam starts In-Home Streaming service

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May 22, 2014

I tried it yesterday.  I was streaming a Company of heroes match to my TV in the living room.  Works like a charm.

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