May 26 2012
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Stay away from TRITTON.

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Three years ago, I bought my first gaming headset: the Tritton AX 180. Sure, it was just a cheap wired headset, but you know what? They were really good headphones, even though I had to replace the cable on them after only six months of use.

Anyway, a couple months ago, I thought of getting a new headset, so I did a little searching around online and came up with the AX 720. I then decided to grab a pair at my local Best Buy and hooked them up to my Xbox/PS3 (I tried them out on both systems). I plugged them in, and only after about 15 minutes of use, I packed them back up, and drove back to Best Buy. It turns out these were a brand new model of the AX720s that had 7.1ss instead of 5.1ss. Long story short, they were awful. They were making a horrible “Hissing” noise in the background, plus the sound quality was just downright bad. I think my  $20.00 Sony MDR Headphones hooked up to a Turtle Beach DSS would sound better than these.

Anyways, I went back to best Buy and got the older AX Pro.  These things were good. I was impressed with the Sound Quality of these headphones,  but, after ONLY TWO MONTHS of use, the left Sub went out. Really? I paid almost $200.00 for a headphone that went out after two months? Are you kidding?

Obviously being mad, I went back to Best Buy today and got the newer AX Pros because mine were under warranty. Just an hour ago, I came home, hooked them up, and oh, what’s this? THE VOLUME CONTROLL DIDN’T WORK! All the drivers were stuck on the same volume, and to make it worse I was greeted by yet again more Hissing!

Oh my god, Tritton, I don’t why you suddenly feel like you have to “upgrade” all your products, but they have started to suck ever since you changed to these new cheap *** receivers. The new AX Pro and 720 don’t sound like ANY of the older headsets. I’d advice all of you to avoid buying ANY Tritton products and go for Turtle Beach, Astros, and Sennheisers until they fix the new ones.

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