Sep 29 2012
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Sony's Future Plans

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    I Would like to know where Sony sees itself 5-10 years down the road. Currently Im almost a full fledged Sony fanboy. My wife still prefers apple and Samsung products. As much as I try to show her Sony is better overall, Sony keeps failing. I would like to see more effort by Sony to value its customers it currently has and still focus on future customers. Not just on Playstation products, but on all Sony products.

    Currently we own a Sony car stereo(not Explode) it has a built in ipod dock. Sony home theater(only 5.1). TV, Blueray, PS3, PSPgo, PS Vita, im also going to buy an Experia cell phone despite the poor reviews. Since I would rather Sony than Samsung or Apple.

     I know Sony has a lot of products on the market. However from my experience of Sony in the past(yes I see it only shows im a forum member since 09' but i did own a midi player) They sell a product and forget about supporting it, or promoting it. Another example might be PS Move. I bought all the stuff for it. The controllers, the sharpshooter, and even a few 3rd party items. Yet when I try games for it like MLB the show 11 or NBA 2k 11 or Ghost recon. The move controllers are NOT fully integrated into the game. I know some twit is goanna say "oh that's not Sony fault" in fact it kinda is. How about the 3G Vita I bought. It locks up and freezes all the time when im using facebook or skype. No don't try and say its just up too the party who make the app.

  We all know if the apps did not work at all then Sony would not allow them distribution of the app on its PSN store. The lack of support to Sony's current consumers is what future consumers look at when researching what system to buy. So I would think at some point sony would focus on making what it already has better, instead of putting another product on the market that will not get the attention it deserves.

    I haven't always followed sony stocks. But a quick Google search shows they are not doing well. I understand Sony not wanting to lower prices on its products, It can't afford too. But when is SNE going to focuses on creating an environment where both old and new Sony consumers feel confident in the products they choose? Why should anyone choose any Playstation product over the new NwiiU?

    I think its time now for sony to put its best foot forward and create a vision of a superior product to the others on the market. Not just in gaming but all of its products. All Sony products should work seemlesly together. Also stop playing favorites to JP and EU and focus on the NA market. And don't be afraid to try new and innovative things, instead of following NwiiU or Crapbox or Samsung. I really like my sony products, I should be able to be as happy with all them now as I was when I purchased them. But im not. I feel like after i bought the item it was outdated and old news. I dont see alot of inovation, just more of the same things other products already do at the same time more limited than the other products on the market. What can my Sony do that cant be done elsewhere?

    Dont just post some flaming sh!t cuz u got nothing good to say. Contribute an opinion or idea but dont waste data on flaming me cuz u dont like what i say. I like sony very much and dont like seeing them drop off the market.

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