Apr 10 2012
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Sony Planning to Lay Off 10,000 Workers

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According to a report from The Japan Times Online, Sony Corporation is planning to lay off 10,000 workers by the end of 2012 "in a bid to regain global competitiveness."

The report notes that 10,000 workers make up approximately six percent of Sony's overall workforce. The report also cites a Nikkei article that states that half of the lay offs -- 5,000 in all -- will come from "a reorganization of its businesses for small and medium-size display panels and noncore chemicals," a move that had earlier been revealed and that doesn't at all affect Sony's gaming divisions.

However, the conclusion that Sony will cut an additional 5,000 jobs is news, as is "the report" that "seven senior managers, including Chairman Howard Stringer, are expected to give up their bonuses for the latest year."

It's unclear if the 5,000 additional job cuts could come from Sony's gaming division, or if those numbers take into account the loss of two Sony first-party studios closed in 2012. BigBig Studio, the makers of Pursuit Force and Little Deviants, was shuttered in January, while Zipper Interactive, the creators of SOCOM, MAG and Unit 13, was closed this month.

Good luck with your restructuring Sony, here's hoping that you will become a better company in the near future. Take your time and learn from your mistakes.

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