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Mar 12 2012
By: Bulletpainpills Survivor 2602 posts

Skynet's Intent

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I was thinking about Skynet, and it made me wonder. When they became self-aware and deemed humantiy as a threat and decided to eliminate them all, what "threat" are the humans to? Because I don't recall them ever saying to what, not even to Skynet themselves. Sure humans want to kill Skynet, but not before they tried to kill them. So what do you guys think the humans are a threat to?

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Re: Skynet's Intent

Mar 12, 2012

Welcome back! Glados

Anyway, the first movie of the Matrix explained it better towards treating humans like a energy source where they're not made but produced.

They both have the AI thing going on but the Terminator series storyline is pretty vague

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