Dec 29 2012
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Show and Tell Weekly

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I've dream of a friendly and positive forum and fun and stuff, and what make a better forum than one that have user that know eachother better? I mean we could just be friend Smiley Happy ? Right, Hope so. In my view, sharing with someone is making friend, so why not make a Show and Tell thread LOL? It's simple:


1. I choose what we are going to show and tell first since I'm the OP

2. If you have that object, then share it and write detail about it

3. People vote whose object is better by kudos

4. The one with most kudos by the end of the week choose the next object

5. Go one forever


And done, Now Me First:                                                                      PET

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Re: Show and Tell Weekly

Dec 29, 2012

My dog Susu or Suzu if you can't spell the first one

Only baby picture because her adult ones are on my Vita


She's a Japanese-Beijing Mix Breed Toy Dog Smiley Happy


Her fur is SNOW WHITE but in her youth she has these weird brown spot on her face and ear, but I trim it off and now only white fur remain Smiley Happy


She's a very lazy dog, sleeping all day, and never excited unless one of my relative come home or after taking a bath, she is a different person after taking the bath lol, running around and jumping all day


She eat little, I know I should fed more but she's too lazy to eat


We have own her for like 3 year and she's really faithful to us, she the most loyal companion this lady killer can have Smiley Happy LOL


She is not aggressive, thankfully, all bark not bite, even if she's barking, and you touch her fur, she doesn't bite you, but wave her tail like if you're a family member but she's still bark furiously LOL


I love her a lot cuz having her around is fun, and playing catch with her or stroking her white fur make me relax Smiley Happy


So what about you guy?

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Re: Show and Tell Weekly

Dec 29, 2012

She's Gorgeous.


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Re: Show and Tell Weekly

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Dec 29, 2012

I had a German Shepard mix dog, but It died when I was verry young.  It looked like awolf I think your dog would be scared of it KAZ. Smiley Tongue I haven't got a pet since then because I don't want to go through that same pain feeling again. I  then understand death but at a young age I was like in the 3 grade when it happend.

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