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Re: Secondary accounts??

Apr 14, 2014

Setzaroth wrote:
Not similar... the same. Now, I don't know about your PSN problems, but I can tell you why you got banned on the forums here... and it's for ban evasion.

I have nothing against you, but I don't understand why my Zhoah account got banned.  I didn't do anything only except you pushing my buttons, which you did and you didn't have any action towards you.  Doesn't make sense.  


My main account on the PSN is fine.  Listen, I'm not a hacker, and I don't cheat.  In fact, I report abusers and  I play nice on the PSN Home, etc.  It's just the forums where I get into trouble.  

Yes, I do have problems and I'm working on them.  People think, I'm a bad person but I'm not.  I just have a lot of problems going on and can be a pretty good friend at times.  


There were times where I got jealous, I admit.  And, I got angry.  But if you saw me on the PSN itself, I am completely different and a good gamer.  Hell, I prestiged really fast through COD BO2 without cheating or hacking it.  I don't play that way. I don't have a clan either, solo mainly. 


This part I don't get that people get upset with me, because I say certain things....I just look at life different, ever since my brother passed away and I'm sorry if I had offended anyone, etc.  Some stuff I do strongly believe in because I look at life very differently now.  Plus, someone stole my girlfriend and I thought we were getting back together and we never did, but I was lead on, etc. 


Secondary accounts,  I thought they couldn't be linked at all together.  My main account, I have stuff on and don't want to lose my stuff...  I don't have much but still.  


So I'm sorry if I bothered anybody or got anybody upset.  Yes, I do have a learning disability and going throug a lot of issues right now.  Hell, I went to trucking school and got my CDL A but I'm an out of work truck driver and can't get a job and I've been trying.......  It's  not fun. 


Sorry all. 

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Re: Secondary accounts??

Apr 14, 2014
Its because you are evading the original ban rams. Take your timeout like a man fella, its actually kinda nice once you get used to doing something else.

Also, they are not figuring out that its you by the information you use for the account, they know its you because the numbers setz mentioned are linked to your internet connection as a whole not just your individual devices or accounts.
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Re: Secondary accounts??

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Apr 14, 2014

Rammy-Ram, the mods are banning YOU. Not your account, but the user behind the account. Your account is not a sentient entity; it didn't break the ToS. YOU did.

The purpose of a ban is to eliminate or remove poor behaviour from individuals, not to just make an account go away or whatever you're under the impression it's for.

Accessing the PSN or forums via an alternate account after receiving a ban is a ToS-breaking move unto itself.

Imagine you're a child and you've been given a timeout in the corner. Now imagine just walking away, and leaving a poor lemurs in your place. What has the timeout achieved? Nothing. You circumvented your punishment, and, learning disability or not, missed out on a valuable life lesson.

inb4 MVP complaints.


Mod Edit: Hi all, this thread has run its course and is going to be locked now. Thanks! - TTurtle

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