Mar 16 2007
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Router troubles..

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ok this is how it is.. i have two dell computers running on XP i used to be able to run both of the computers on the internet at one time but about 2 months ago it stopped working and i cant seem to figure out what i have to do! i have done re wireing of my router.. i have tried other routers.. even wirles and none of tem seem to work i still got my old one thats kinda new its a Linksyscable/dsl 4 port switch. i have n clue what to do.. if you know how to help me please explain it here best you can or for my sake and time saving please talk to me on my messenger this is important to me cause i am sick of having to get off the computer when my sister needs to to her homework.. my instant mesageing adress is   if you can helkp me out that would be great! thanks!
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Re: Router troubles..

Mar 16, 2007
You use to be able to get both computers on the internet at the same time
Only recently you can only get one of them?
Did you make any changes to your router?

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