Dec 02 2013
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Role Playing Group

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        My friend, Gheeda, and myself-jedidurb-are looking to form a Role Playing (RP) group on the PlayStation Network. We use to be in a group together, but this last summer our old group was dismantled. Now we intend to reactive it but with new members. 

       Our style of RP consists of both RPing while in-games and/or in text chats. We are a quick response style, unlike most RPs seen online. This allows us to write as we think-keeps the storygoing interesting 

Our first step in setting up our Rps is that we try to get any/all participating members to discuss and vote on what exactly what it is we'll be Rping

     Topic-wise we do a variety; although we mostly do fiction based stories. A few of our most recent RPs were: we did one in a similar style to that of Harry Potter only instead of the four houses ours was separated by types of magic. Another one was one we created entitled the Akuma. This story was about six genetically-created super-beings who were created by a planets government to save their world. And one of our favorite types was what we called Life. In this we RPed a wide variety of things. One time it was at a school for the specially talented (like a performing arts); and another was where different teens from different social status met, befriended, and had a adventure together.

      Now another thing we do with our RPs is that: after the settting has been set:each person writes their own characters biography and includes a picture of what their character would look like. (for this part usually we would find a picture from Google). The characters bio would include things like personality, past history, future plans, and/pr whatever else you thought should be included. 

      If you are interested in joining us please either contact me on the PlayStation Network or reply here to this post. Feel free to ask any questions or post any comments.



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Re: Role Playing Group

Dec 2, 2013
I'm interested, assuming we can RP the Irish Potato Famine, from 1845 to 1852.
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