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Re: Reddit users?

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Jul 3, 2012

Babkockdood wrote:

JERM7 wrote:

Babkockdood wrote:

My favorite subreddits are r/linux, r/circlejerk, r/Minecraft, and r/**bleep**.

I have no idea what 2 of those are, but I think you're scaring off potential reddit visitors by mentioning them.

r/**bleep** = r/4.c.h.a.n


And r/circlejerk is essentially the subreddit that makes fun of Reddit as a whole. It's very satirical and tongue-in-cheek.


And I don't care that i'm scaring people off. Reddit has enough visitors as it is. It's not like it's some un-heard of indie site that needs donations.

Unfortunately some people still fail to see the satire Robot Indifferent <- This robot can, though.

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