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May 1, 2013
I'm just kidding around. Before release, people thought that the exclusivity was great (helps that Microsoft made a big deal of it). After release, (PS3) people just laughed, because the MP sucks.
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Re: Question

May 1, 2013

moblesuit75 wrote:

havocsarmy wrote:

LOL Moble you can't troll because you're an MVP now

Which is why I don't.  I originally wanted some clarification on the OP's point.  Wasn't sure if they knew this was not SCEA.  For that matter, it seemed they were speaking to developers.  Figured I would ask for the clear up, but then along came some Trolls. (Not you Havoc, or PLYMCO Smiley Wink)


Seems to be a lot of them lately.  Not sure what their issues are, but I am sure they will tire of it soon and move on to another Forum.  It is what they do, when there are no Goats upon their bridges.Smiley Happy




Whoa! HOLD ON! Did someone say Goats?  I have arrived!

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