Jun 01 2013
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Potential Cheating & Obvious Harassment/Cyber-Bullying...

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What should I do when for instance players of PS3's Battlefield 3 such as   **bleep**  present rather strong evidence of cheating such as extremely fast firing 'semi-automatic' sniper rifles that is so fast that it simply looks like they are firing a machine gun?


     I would have thought that simply telling him to stop cheating would be sufficient.  Only he and others like him for whatever reason

     often reply with strange nonsense messages combined with thinly veiled insults etc. starting some kind of offensive dialogue where

     they go and say some pretty inappropriate things with players like myself essentially permanently refraining from returning the



     Also, there has been a player in a match just a little while ago(within the last hour) by the name of  **bleep**  who was getting

     repeated 'Instant' kills leaving the rather strong appearance that he had been using 'Hacks' or a 'Modded' controller, so I simply told

     him to stop cheating.


     This player also combined obviously provoking, harassing, baiting, and ridiculing insults along with seemingly innocuous 

     comments only to take it 'WAY' overboard later about 5 messages after the first one in outrightly saying things in his message

     which were 'VERY' clearly meant to be provoking, harassing, insulting, and ridiculing, yet also claimed that he was going to

     make a fraudulent report against me, and later said that he did the report!.


     He appeared very strongly to be cheating, so I told him to stop, and then he starts a ludicrous and offensive tirade against me

     clearly meant to harass etc. me breaking nearly every rule in the book so to speak.


     Also, this PS3 Battlefield 3 player  **bleep**  has sent me 2 inappropriate messages which freeze my PS3 every time I try to file a  

     report on them.  I am starting to wonder if the people who do this have some kind of 'Hack' on their PS3's which allows them to

     send something 'else' along with their offensive messages like a 'Hack' etc.


Please Help.




Edit: Removed blacklisted username.


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Re: Potential Cheating & Obvious Harassment/Cyber-Bullying...

Jun 1, 2013

You should remove that users name. Having it up there is considered blacklisting, and is against the forum rules. Here is how you can report someone:

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Re: Potential Cheating & Obvious Harassment/Cyber-Bullying...

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Jun 1, 2013

I realize its a video game not real but on a completely unrelated matter, I can shoot a real sniper rifle that fast. Oh right i remember what i was gonna say, u can also shoot them that fast on video games as well without cheating so he/she may not b cheating also ur gonna have 2 deal with it. Every site,game,place,etc. has ppl like that

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