Jan 30 2013
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Playstation 4 Super colossus to conquer the world

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Yes I hear the Playstation 4 is in fact, a giant metal machine, getting ready to take over the world.  Already - it has taken over 10 console markets for itself.  The following markets:


Dreamcast - 10 million

Genesis - 40 million

SNES - 40 million

Saturn - 10 million

Gamecube - 20 million

Xbox 1 - 24 million

Xbox 360 - 77 million

Wii - 98 million

Wii U - 3 million

Nintendo 64 - 32 million


PS One - 100+ million

PS2 - 150+ million

PS3 - 78 million


You ever wonder why those didn't really do so well?  Now you know why.  Sony Playstation.  Already - it has done in Microsoft and Nintendo's consoles.  Recently.  They're crashing down, plummeting, and will soon be down in flames.   Sony will be consolidating these markets for Playstation 4.  There will be no room for competition.  It has already taken over the console world.  Already - it is driving smaller software and hardware businesses out of business, or out of the console market.  At an incredible rate.  Logitech, Epic Mickey, THX software, Gameloft India, and also Superbot.  


What are we talking here?  Playstation 4 will take over the world.  All related businesses, besides Sony Computer Entertainment, will go out of, or be driven out of, business.  Including Microsoft and Nintendo.  The entire world will be united with the Playstation 4. 





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Re: Playstation 4 Super colossus to conquer the world

Jan 30, 2013
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Re: Playstation 4 Super colossus to conquer the world

Jan 30, 2013

Sony isn't free from the Sherman Act. So they can't monopolize the gaming industry by trying to consolidate their competition. this is total BS. Coka-Cola and Louis Vuitton make more money annually than Sony Computer Entertainment. sony isn't the biggest fish in the sea.



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