Jan 12 2013
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Playstation 3D Display - 3D Button NOT WORKING on SOME Computers??!

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I bought a new Playstation 3D Display, and got some HSBS movies to try out.  I found that on my desktop I COULD NOT force the TV to use SBS mode by pressing the 3D button (so I can't watch movies), but on my laptop I can!


I'm using the exact same cable, so that's not the issue.  Both computers are using AMD chips - my desktop is using a Radeon 7850 and my laptop is using something far less powerful.  Desktop is intel Core i3, laptop is an AMD CPU as well.


What am I doing wrong??



PS: Even tried Tridef media player, but I found the images to feel unnatural in depth compared to my laptop.  I feel crosseyed.



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