Jun 16 2013
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PlayStation classics downloads

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Ive been downloading here and there of PSone classics and soon PS2.  I already own my games all on disc from PSone, PS2, PS3, but want to replace them all on digital so not to wear out the discs.  I like having physical copies of my games, but would like them in digital, so im buying them on the PSN.  I've notice something when you move over to the disc icon of a PS3 game, it shows a nice background with sometimes a action video or audio plus a small breif about the game.  Now for PSone classics I just get a plain gray background with a black box with the game breifing.  Could  sony or developers really make their classics with the fancy backgrounds and gameplay video audio?  I dont know, it would kinda seem like a small update to my old games.  I dont know if they do this to PS2 classics or not.


found this page nice of info, scroll down to  "PlayStation 3 PSone and PlayStation 2 "Play Game?"  What im talking about.

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