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Perception of greatness

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I was just thinking about this today. In the context of gaming, our perception of greatness  and quality, as well as realism, is completely determined by what is currently available, contrasted to what we have had.  


For this thread I'm going to use Wolfenstein as an example, because it is one of the few games that have existed in every form from 8-bit, to a soon to be released HD title.


We'll start with the original



Nothing special, I'm not even sure it was ground breaking or noteworthy for its time. I'm sure the use of the swastika yielded it some censored titles in some areas, but outside of that, nothing too interesting.





This one is always fun to talk about because it was rated "M" or whatever the ESRB equivilant was for the time for "realistic depcitions of gore and violence" I'm paraphrasing, but that is basicaly what it said. I have always found this funny, because by no standards, is what I'm seeing in the screen-cap remotely realistic. Which brings me back to the main idea of the thread, its all about perception, and contrast to what has previously been available.





Simply put, its the PS2 incarnation of this class super-natural nazi slaying FPS. The graphics took a quantom leap from its previous installment. (there was a Pc-only "enemy territory" game but it shared almost identical graphics)



Now, we get into the current generatrion.



Certainly not noteworthy, but In the realm of its own game that has seen re-boot after re-boot, it is yet again another leap forward graphically and in the vision that was wolfenstein 3D.


Now, here is where the huge comparison is. Wolfenstein "New Order" contrasted to the aformentioned game that "depcits realistc violence" to prove my point that our reality can be determined by what we are told or otherwise able to observe, no neccesarily what is true.










As you can see, major difference. I wouldn't even consider the newest yet to be released installment "realistic violence" perhaps i'm just desensatized? Granted the infamous wolf 3D was one of, if not THE first game to self rate itself with the highest rating, so it could be argued the game devs were tooting their own horn so to speak with the "realistic" part, but that doesn't deter from the fact that it has been censored and edited 100 times over for its "graphic and disturbing content"


Anyway, what do youy think? This was also a post to show how far games have come in what is really a very short amount of time., and that you should enjoy what you have, because if history has taught us anything, it will sooner rather than later, be obolete.




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Re: Perception of greatness

Jul 17, 2013

Great pick, great games, great thread.  I think I may have to do one about Ninja Gaiden.  *puts his quarter up*


As you say, progress is relative.


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Re: Perception of greatness

Jul 17, 2013

Grindhead_Jim wrote:

Great pick, great games, great thread.  I think I may have to do one about Ninja Gaiden.  *puts his quarter up*


As you say, progress is relative.

Thanks, I was beginning to think nobody was paying attention to this.


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Re: Perception of greatness

Jul 17, 2013

Nice thread you just made, Setz. You're right about your preception of greatness and quality is determined by what is available in the gaming market.

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