Apr 09 2014
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PSN PRO Trophy App: Dealing with 3 Parties

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Does anybody have this on their phone? 


I did but just recently they had removed the app and updated it, a newer version of the PSN PRO APP., but since I did a re set, I cannot recover this app.  It's a great app to have but the newer version, it says my phone isn't compatible for the newest version of it.  


I even had to pay for this .99 and thought it was mine forever.  I even contacted the devloper 3rd party but wasn't much help.  They basically took my app away and people still use Android LG Alley but since the updated one, they completely removed all the older versions of it.  But its all the same app and same features.  If you have this app., you know what I'm talking about.  


The  3rd party, won't bring it back.  Which is down right rude since I paid for it.  

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