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Re: PS 4 CPU is 3000 times more powerful then Wii U's

Jan 15, 2013

the_original_se wrote:

Logical_Dolphin wrote:

the_original_se wrote:

Logical_Dolphin wrote:
The WiiU isn't supposed to compete with the PS4. Nintendo hasn't been about having the best technology in their systems since the GameCube.

The WiiU is targeting a different market that the PS4, they can make a less powerful system.

The WiiU is designed to be an upgrade for those that have already purchased a Wii, especially since some WiiU games require a Wiimote and Nunchuck to play.

the WiiU isnt targeting anyone really. in order to target an audience, you at least need games. ports of old games and shovelware isnt decent enough library to bring in any audience, well aside from Nintenyearolds.


and the WiiU isnt designed to be an upgrade, Nintendo designed it to be a new "next gen" system, or at least thats what theyve been trying to tell people.

I do beleive that Nintendo & Sony aren't going after the same consumer for the most part. I do agree that ports aren't going to attact many people, especially since many of those ports can be purchased cheaper on the PS3 & X360. I purchase Nintendo products to play Nintendo games.


Perhaps "upgrade" isn't the right term, but the WiiU is positioned to appeal to current Wii owners. Like I said if you want to support multiple players, it requires Wiimotes; that is something current Wii owners already have, plus being BC with the Wii is a big plus too...

the WiiU seems to have just been rushed. much like the PS3, it was released without a solid plan for games.

had the system launched with some solid titles and announcements of future titles im sure it would be doing a lot better than it currently is.

unless Nintendo unveils some big stuff at E3, the WiiU is just going to be steamrolled by Microsoft and Sony at E3(due to the rumors of new systems).

I agree somewhat. The WiiU launched with an adequate number of games, and they launched it with a Mario title. I'm sure that Nintendo had to launch now to get ahead of the PS4 & X720. If they can deliver some solid titles in 2013, the WiiU will probably survive, especially if they cut the price by at least $50...

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