Jun 17 2013
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Oddest Part In a Game....

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I've kinda been wondering if anybody else has felt this before while playing a game. You're just playing a game, and the game's storyline, gameplay, scenery, or anything like that goes off the deep end. The only two games that I have felt this from is Kingdom Hearts 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Kingdom Hearts 2 being the final battle, when you fight in that blank part of the game against Xemnas and his coat has changed to a white and black look. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle being the Last Story because, really, everything about the last story really went on a weird direction. You dive deeper into parts of the Ark and have to face a Lizard that, not only is called the Biolizard, it also has pipes coming out of it's eyes!!!!! HIS EYES!!!!!!!! ._. So I want to know, has anybody ever seen something like this????

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