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Re: No **bleep** On Sony Blu-ray. Has Sony gone mad?

Jan 12, 2007

1.Blu-rays a flop because it doesn't appeal 2 the mass public, why spend 600-1000 bux on a weird ass video format thingy when I could spend 100 on an HD-DVD, which the general public won't notice much a difference between the 2, and you can't bootleg **bleep** on blu-ray, only rich rich rich nerds would go 2 the **bleep**o shop 'ZOMG BLU-RAY *snort*', plus, all **bleep** 2day is bootleg, only loosers or clueless people go out and rent/buy **bleep**os, the last time I saw that happen was like 8 years ago...

You don't have a freaking clue what you're talking about, and osund like a complete moron.
Good job.
Anyways, the article was proven false, and to me the whole digital distribution thing sounds more plausible anyways..... so this thread = lock/death.
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