Jun 13 2013
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Need help deciding the right TV for my PS3 and soon to be PS4 needs :)

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Is a 24'' 1080p HDTV good for gaming I will basically be sitting right in front of the tv?


So i just want to know from ppl who have used/use 24'' 1080p tv's before for gaming if the screen is just right or if it is too small? I will be using my PS3 and soon to be PS4 on it. Please don't give me answers like "oh get a bigger screen" etc..Just want to know if the size is just right or too small like i said..Also here are the 2 tv's im looking at buying i'm REALLY confused as to which i should buy,maybe somebody on here can help me and tell me which is better quality and would give me more out of my gaming needs out of these 2 tv's thanks! Smiley Happy..
Vizio E241-A1 24" 1080p 60Hz Class LED (1.57" ultra-slim) HDTV

yes i know the toshiba is 23'' but it's almost the exact same between a 23'' and 24'' Smiley Tongue Toshiba 23L1350U 23" 1080p 60Hz LED (2.2" ultra-slim) HD

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